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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to protecting life, property, and the environment through quality emergency response and community involvement in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Vision Statement

To be more than a service provider ~ to be a leader in serving the community.
To be recognized as a leader in the fire service and by our customers.
To be fully prepared for all emergencies including catastrophic events.
To be enthusiastically supported by our community which view us with pride, respect, and confidence.
To be a team whose members are effective, empowered, and enthusiastic in their service.
To anticipate and influence change.
To be a leading resource for community relations and public safety education.
To be fully committed to the professional development of its members.

Values Statement

EXCELLENCE in service to our community.
TEAM WORK to achieve common goals internally and externally.
READINESS FOR DUTY both physically and mentally.
TRUST, RESPECT, and INTEGRITY of and for our community and peers.
COMMITMENT of time and efforts.